Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Camera Specs Leaked

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Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Camera Specs Leaked

Samsung is reportedly maintaining consistency in its camera technology for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 FE, equipping it with the same 50 MP main camera featured in its predecessors, the Galaxy S24, S23, and S23 FE. This camera includes a 1/1.57″ sensor and 1.0μm pixels. This move, while not surprising, confirms Samsung’s strategy of utilizing familiar hardware components in its new devices.

Scheduled for a release no earlier than late fall, the Galaxy S24 FE’s debut might stretch into early 2025. Some markets could see an earlier release by the end of this year, mirroring the rollout strategy of the previous model. The new model, bearing the model number SM-S721 and codenamed R12 (following the S23 FE’s R11), is still in the early stages of development, with more details expected to surface as the launch approaches.

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Camera Specs Leaked

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