WhatsApp Introduces Groundbreaking Privacy Feature

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WhatsApp Introduces Groundbreaking Privacy Feature

The most widely used social media application in the world, ‘WhatsApp’, is about to introduce another fantastic feature for the privacy of users mobile phone numbers. The company will soon introduce another new feature to further secure its users. If you want to send a message to another user and you also want your number not to reach this user, a new feature for this will be introduced soon. Discover how WhatsApp privacy feature protects user mobile numbers, ensuring anonymity and enhanced security. Learn more now!

When an unknown person sends us a message on WhatsApp, only the number appears in the WhatsApp chat box instead of the person’s name. After identifying this person, we save the number with the name. Sometimes, some people are apprehensive about contacting an unknown user related to work, fearing that their mobile number might be misused.

Privacy Feature

According to the WhatsApp website, if you are sending a message to a person who doesn’t have your number saved in their mobile, only your username will appear on their screen when your message arrives, and your mobile phone number will not be displayed.”

In other words, instead of the number being displayed when a message from an unknown person arrives on WhatsApp, only the name will be shown. This means you cannot forward this person’s number to anyone, nor can you know it yourself. Also, your smart phone number will not be visible to the other user when replying to the message.

With the help of this new feature, the privacy of the mobile phone number will be maintained and the user’s number will not be unnecessarily known to any other person. Since work is still ongoing on this feature, it has not been introduced yet. Once the feature is introduced, users can contact anyone without the risk of their mobile number being disseminated, and not just business people, but others can easily maintain private contact.

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