Nothing Phone (2) PTA Tax in Pakistan

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Nothing Phone (2) PTA Tax in Pakistan

The Nothing Phone (2) is new and stylish and is now available in Pakistan. Many people like this one is special because of it looks. This blog is a detailed guide for people who want to buy it. It discusses the tax details for all Nothing Phone 2 and how to register it in Pakistan.

PTA Tax Details for Nothing Phone (2)

Model PTA Tax with Passport (PKR) PTA Tax with CNIC (PKR)
Nothing Phone (2) – 12/256GB 62,061 71,467
Nothing Phone (2) – 12/512GB 66,991 76,398

How to Register Your Nothing Phone (2) with PTA

Registering your Nothing Phone (2) involves a simple yet important process. Follow the detailed instructions on the PTA’s official website or portal, and ensure you have all the necessary documents ready for a smooth registration experience.


The information above is not totally correct because dollar prices in Pakistan change often. Due to dollar prices, the tax on Passports and CNIC will also change. So, to know the exact price, please go to the PTA’s website.

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